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A bungalow that had ideas above itself

A little over a year ago this house in Leyland, Lancashire, was a mere bungalow. But new owners Mr and Mrs DePol had big plans for it.

Mrs DePol explains: "More than anything else, we wanted a real family home. We foresee my parents coming to live with us in the not-too-distant future and now the grandchildren have come along we want to be able to welcome everybody here to stay with us whenever they want – a growing family all together in a space that has grown accordingly.

So, we’ve built upwards and outwards. The floor plan is still pretty much the same – but there’s a lot more going on over our heads now.

VELUX roof windows were integral to all our plans. We wanted to feed light down through the roof to open up the rooms on the ground floor.

Now that we’ve banished the shadows those rooms feel like they flow into one another easily and more invitingly.

My favourite place has to be our sun room. Visitors gravitate to it naturally – it’s where we entertain and spend quality time. The VELUX roof windows really bring the outdoors home to us. We can open the patio doors when the weather’s nice and get a real sense of outdoor freshness and colour indoors.

And at night, of course, we can sit under the stars, open a nice bottle of wine and dream of all the happy times our family will enjoy here."

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